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»Acco Festival: Theater can be free, enigmatic and surprising.
[…] Herrmann has a pleasant and gentle presence on stage. Something very sincere and human. And there’s a lot of courage here, too, and in the unusual sense – he does not shout, he does not undress, he does not say anything shocking. He does a theater that is almost anti-theater. […] This is a particularly captivating show, especially for theater people who are used to looking almost automatically for „conflict“ and „drama.“« HAARETZ, Tel Aviv

Invited to the Akko International Fringe Theater Festival 2018

In My teacher´s living room Mathias Max Herrmann, actor at Schauspiel Hannover, focuses on the history of Israel. The very personal project changes between live-performance on stage and video installation. It takes a special situation as a starting point: In the 1980ies Herrmann took acting classes from Yoseph Millo (1917-1997), one of the most important figures in Israel´s theatre history. Millo directed He walked through the fields, a theatre play which was decisive for the nation building of the people in Israel. Decades later, in the end of the 80ies in Mülheim/Ruhr (Germany), the young student doesn´t know anything about the huge importance of his teacher. The medial permanently present crisis in the Middle East were the cause for the consideration, the search for the origins and home of Yoseph Millo.

In German and English

Director and Video  Mathias Max Herrmann
Dramaturges  Anna-Katharina Müller, Philipp Schulte
Set and Costume Designer  Maret Tamme
Video Editing  Andreas Wilhelm Spengler

Next performances
Apr 28th 2019, 8:00 pm, Staatstheater Hannover

Tickets  +49 511 9999 1111, or at
>> Staatstheater Hannover (German)

Premiere  April 15th 2018, 8:00 pm
Sept 2018, Akko, Israel

>>Deutsche Version

Akko Fringe Theatre Festival 2018 | Performed on Sept 25th 2018 (English)

Mathias Max Herrmann in an interview about My Teacher’s Living Room (English)

>>>Deutsche Version